Acne- Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies

honey-for-acneAcne that is commonly stated as acne is an extremely common skin disease which usually evolves on the face, neck, chest & back shoulder. Acne generally develops when our hair follicles become clogged. The cause of the development of clogged is dead skin cells and oil of the skin. As I earlier stated that acne is a very general disease of the skin considering the actuality that nearly every human being evolves acne at any age of their life mostly in adults. Although, this is a very common in teenagers considering the truth nearly 70 to 83 % cases of acne has been seen in a teens. There’re numerous therapy options accessible that can be used for the treatment of acne though; the healing process of acne is very slow.



Acne can produce numbers of indications & signs that you can follow to self-diagnose this condition. The signs and symptoms of acne can differ from one person to another. Certain person receives very gentle sign though several people may evolve intense signs. The symptom generally evolves with the inflammation of the home-remedy-for-acnedermal layer of the skin. Acne may also create the symptom such as closed plugged pores on the affected portion. Pigmentation may also evolve due to acne. These signs and indications can be cured through the home remedy for acne. You may also receive small and red tenders bumps. You may also develop small pus-filled lumps under the upper skin layer of the skin.

If we talk about the factors of the development of acne we would find numbers of reasons. Though the exact factor of the occurrence of acne is still unknown but experts have explored certain reasons of the development of acne. One of the main reasons of the evolvement of acne is the genetic cause. The hormonal issue may lead to the development of acne. As I have earlier told you that acne is more general in teenagers the cause being, increased production of the hormone in the body. When your follicles become clogged due to dead skin cells then this ailment may lead to the occurrence of acne.



There are several treatment choices are accessible that can be pursued for the therapy of acne including Antibiotics, alpha hydroxy acid, hormonal therapy and home remedy for acne. All these symptoms can be cured by the above-mentioned therapy options. Though, following home remedy for acne can create a huge impact in the therapy of acne. There are several benefits of following home remedy for acne. The greatest aspect of pursuing the home remedy for acne is that you will not face any types of bad effects. As we know that medicament commonly arrives with several unwanted effects hence, you hardly explore any medicine that does not produce unwanted effects. You can easily discover holistic stuff that can be used as the home remedy for acne.

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