How many of you take or rely on antivirals for herpes treatment? How many of herpes patients often like to take a pill during an active herpes outbreak? I think 90% of herpes patients rely on antivirals because pills are prescribed by the doctor. Many of them experience serious side effects but still use them because they think there is no other option.

Treatment For Herpes

cold soresHave you ever tried any other treatment option rather than antiviral herpes medications? No. Isn’t it? This is because you do not have enough knowledge about this virus and its cure. You blindly trust the doctors and follow the path they show you. Herpes is the least talked topic in our society and it is the most widely spreading sexually transmitted disease. People generally do not want to reveal to their friends and family that they have herpes and that’s why loose the chance of getting some interesting facts or cure of herpes. So, if you want to treat your herpes symptoms effectively, you need to discuss with your friends and family and this is the only way to make people aware about this mortal virus. You can even search on the internet or watch health related videos to find a perfect cure for herpes.

Herbal-Remedies-for-HerpeIf you search on the internet and discuss with your friends or family, you will find that there are different types of myths regarding herpes cure among the people and even on the internet but if you look carefully, you will find that there are some better options than antivirals to treat herpes symptoms. Recently, researchers have found some effective treatment options to cure herpes virus. One of them and you can say the best treatment option for this time is natural treatment. This is the latest research in the field of herpes cure. Studies have found that natural ingredients are safe and effective in treating herpes symptoms and even some natural ingredients can cure the virus completely. One of the effective natural treatment options for herpes symptoms is Monolaurin. What is this? Is it a natural ingredient? Can it cure herpes virus? You may have many questions in your mind. So, without wasting time let’s discuss this treatment option.

Monolaurin For Herpes

monolaurin_front_shotMonolaurin is an antiviral supplement that is made from non-toxic glycerin and lauric acid.  This supplement is used to treat all strains of the herpes virus as well as all other viral infections. Monolaurin is naturally found in breast milk and in coconut milk otherwise rare in nature. It is a lauric acid derivative that can boost the immune system and offer multiple health benefits. Monolaurin acid is currently sold and available in the brand name of lauricidin. Well, monolaurin supplements are available online as well as in natural food stores, health stores, and drug stores. If you are going to use this supplement, you should consult your doctor first.

Herpes virus when once enters, live dormant in your nerve cells throughout your life and usually erupt when the immune system is weakened. Monolaurin is able to break down the fatty envelope which protects the herpes virus and thus kills the virus and inhibits the replication of the virus. Monolaurin has also the great antiviral properties which contribute a vital role in killing the virus.

How To Take Lauricidin For Herpes Treatment?

monolaurin-coconut-oilLauricidin herpes treatment is a proven natural supplement that can effectively cure herpes virus. The antiviral properties of monolaurin acid not only stop the virus from replication but also kill the active virus by breaking the outer membrane of the virus. Now, I am going to tell you how to take monolaurin acid for treating your herpes symptoms. Monolaurin is usually taken orally. To get the maximum benefits, you should take this supplement daily. Over-the-counter monolaurin acid supplements are available in pill form and should be taken with water and on a regular dosing schedule. Dosage should be recommended by your doctor or physician.

If you are worried about the safety of monolaurin acid, stop worrying. Monolaurin is a natural ingredient that’s why it is completely safe for herpes treatment. You will not have to experience any kind of side effects while using this treatment option. Along with this, you also need to eat a healthy diet in order to get maximum benefits of this treatment option. Start a new approach of treatment option for herpes symptoms and get its benefits. You will surely get good results by using monolaurin supplement for treating your herpes symptoms.

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